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About  kim’s

About Kim’s

Kim’s spa & lashes is a luxury beauty spa based in Sahara golf club Kuwait. The spa caters to discerning women pursuing a unique beauty, healthy and escapes from the stress of life.  It strives to deliver top class treatments in a relaxing environment. We work with highly trained staff to ensure that the most up to date treatments are delivered to our clients. We provide Kim’s spa – body massage, body treatment; Kim’s Lashes – eyelash extension; Facial treatment by OROGOLD cosmetics and innovative technic for Scalp and Hair care.

We also provide Migung V- Spa from Korea. Migung V-SPA is a Korean traditional lower body spa which pursuing health and beauty based on ‘natural healing’ and ‘autoimmune’. This healing program provide 4 different types of therapy including spa therapy, essence therapy, tea therapy and food therapy.   It is seeking health, beauty and better life under the motto of ‘One degree body temperature will save my body’.


Beauty that’s naturally you.

Welcome to the “Kim’s spa & lashes “.